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07MarFrom 12:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Cultivating Compassion - Aromatherapy & MIndfulness Workshop
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"F *** it " - The four "F"s of the stress response & how aromatherapy can help
Posted on 01/01/2024
This is going to sound strange, but I love to talk about stress.
Have you heard of The M-Technique® ?
Posted on 05/27/2023
Learn about this holistic method of touch, used by Certified Aromatherapist Laura Stainer to provide rapid, deep relaxation. When I opened my aromatherapy practice in 2021, my initial intention was to create a 1:1 session with my clients that was unlike anything else they had experienced before. Being able to talk about mental health in a safe non-judgemental space and have custom aromatherapy blends lovingly and expertly hand-crafted for them to take home sounded like a good idea, and it was, except...
Personal Diffuser - The Absolute Must-Have Item for Emotional Support
Posted on 04/12/2022
I never leave home without it, and you won't want to either!
Can Aromatherapy Help Anxiety???
Posted on 10/12/2021
Anxiety is a part of being human. You could no sooner eliminate it from your life than you could change your shoe size. Nor would you want to, because the reality is that anxiety works to keep you safe, and a sense of safety and security is a basic human need.