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I'm Laura, your Certifed Clinical Aromatherapist serving Windsor-Essex County.  My Consultation appointments take a holistic approach, offering customized aromatherapy treatments focused on your emotional well-being. I have deep empathy and compassion for caregivers (having burned out of the nursing profession) and believe that regulating the nervous system with the help of aromatherapy (among other modalities) is the key to optimal health. 


Aromatherapy Consultation - Initial Visit  (60 mins) $100

The Aromatherapy Consultation is focused on providing personalized treatment for stress, anxiety, situational depression and other emotional concerns. A personalized treatment protocol for home use will be created for you, then your custom aromatherapy blend is  integrated into the M-Technique®, a gentle structured method of touch applied to your arms and hands that provides rapid relaxation.(Full service descriptions can be found in the links under "Booking")

M-Technique® - Hand & Foot (40 mins)$60

'M' Technique® isn't massage therapy, but rather a non-invasive, simple method of structured touch that provides rapid relaxation in a short amount of time. The 'M' technique works by sending signals to the brain to induce calm and relaxation, and has been described as 'physical hypnotherapy'.
 This treatment is not offered anywhere else in the region! Read more about M-Technique® HERE

Virtual & Follow-Up Appointments - Duration & Cost Varies

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In-person appointments :

 MONDAYS in Lakeshore, at Valero Wellness on Advance Blvd 

THURSDAY  &  SUNDAY  in Lasalle at FLOAT on Sprucewood Dr.

Booking links can be found HERE

Virtual Appointments  can also be arranged. Email me to inquire