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Aromatic Relaxation - The 'M'Technique®

45 mins 


'M' Technique® isn't massage therapy, but rather a noninvasive, simple method that provides rapid relaxation in a short amount of time. The 'M' technique works by sending signals to the brain to induce calm and relaxation, and has been described as 'physical hypnotherapy'.
M-Technique®️ is ideal for those who are seeking a relaxing experience but have time constraints, may have aversions or sensitivities to other manual therapies, or are looking for a unique modality to enhance their holistic wellness. This technique is not offered anywhere else in the region! Before your treatment, your current health and goals will be discussed and an essential oil blend will be selected to enhance effectiveness. To prepare for your appointment, please dress in loose clothing. Ideally, wear a shirt or top that can be rolled above the elbows, and pants that can be pulled above the knees. Only the face (no oils are used on the face), arms, hands, lower legs, and feet are treated during the session. 


Custom Aromatherapy Consultation - First Visit

60 mins 


The Aromatherapy Consultation is focused on providing personalized treatment for stress, anxiety, situational depression, pain, and more. Your medical history, lifestyle, desired outcomes, and aroma preferences will all be discussed during this appointment, and Laura will select the essential oils most appropriate for your needs. 

A customized treatment protocol for home use will be created for you. 

Follow-up recommendations will be given to monitor your progress, make adjustments, or address additional concerns. 

Not sure if custom aromatherapy is right for you?  Schedule a FREE 15-minute discovery call by emailing me at

Custom Aromatherapy - Follow-Up Appointment  
Follow-up sessions are for established clients to continue with additional custom items or make adjustments to current treatments. Duration and prices vary and can also be arranged as virtual appointments. 


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