Have you heard of The M-Technique® ?

Written on 05/27/2023
Laura Stainer

When  I opened my aromatherapy practice in 2021,  my initial intention was to create a 1:1 session with my clients that was unlike anything else they had experienced before. Being able to talk about mental health in a safe non-judgemental space and have custom aromatherapy blends lovingly and expertly hand-crafted for them to take home sounded like a good idea, and it was, except...

Something was missing.

I was the only one noticing the void, having spent over 20 years using touch as part of my work. First as a Reflexologist (a lifetime ago) an RMT (long retired) and an RN (that's a whole other story). I had become accustomed to and longed to incorporate something that tied everything together but was also easy on my body. 

Luckily,  I discovered the M-Technique® and now it's the focus of my signature service:

Aromatic Relaxation


'M' Technique® isn't massage therapy, but rather a noninvasive, simple method that provides rapid relaxation in a short amount of time. The 'M' technique works by sending signals to the brain to induce calm and relaxation, and has been described as 'physical hypnotherapy'.

Created by Jane Buckle, a Ph.D., RN, and Aromatherapist in England, the M-Techniques's purpose was to bring the "care back to healthcare" by providing a caring, non-invasive touch to critically ill and fragile patients in hospitals and hospices.

The reason I chose to train in and  incorporate this technique into my practice is simply because it provides rapid relaxation and allows my clients to receive the benefits of aromatherapy from both an inhalation and topical application during their sessions. The deep relaxation they experience, coupled with the therapeutic properties of their custom aromatherapy helps to reset the nervous system and thereby decrease accumulated stress.

M-Technique®️ is ideal for those who:

  • Are seeking a relaxing experience, but have time constraints
  • May have aversions or sensitivities to other manual therapies

  • Are looking for a unique modality to enhance their holistic wellness.


During your session, only your arms, hands, lower legs, and feet are treated so you need only to dress in loose comfortable clothing. 

What clients are saying…

“It was pretty incredible that something so gentle could make me that relaxed. I found it was almost the same as how you'd feel right before going into a deep sleep...a feeling of almost weightlessness. Peaceful is how I would describe my overall feeling."

"The M Technique combined with the comfort of the reclining chair, the music played on the headphones, and Laura’s grounding energy made for an extremely zen-like experience. I felt like I was floating yet I was grounded at the same time. It was just beautiful!!! "

"Amazing. Very calming, feeling a sense of compassion and connection. Laura, you are fantastic with your explanations. I felt at ease right away with you. This was a beautiful experience in every aspect.❤️"

"It was so gentle, and relaxing! The whole environment was relaxing. It was very unique and unlike any massage or anything I have had done before. Very soothing, and calming! "

"My whole body relaxed during the technique. I definitely went on a relaxing journey and felt a release physically and emotionally. It cleared some of the noise and quieted my mind. I have found that essential oils help with my mood and I experienced this during the treatment. The earthy blend Laura chose for me was perfect. "

The M-Technique® is not offered anywhere else in the region!

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Disclaimer - This article is intended for information purposes only and does not replace medical advice or treatment.  If you are considering using aromatherapy for health purposes, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications.